Tactics for Enjoying a Romantic Fiji Cruise

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Fiji, the beautiful islands of the South Pacific, is made for romance. Whether you’re cruising for a honeymoon or are just looking for a romantic get away, a cruise to Fiji is just the ting to bring spark back into the relationship and put spark into a relationship that isn’t quite there yet. Sailing through the waters of the South Sea Islands will put a new spark into any old or budding romance.

As you enjoy the scenic surroundings aboard ship during your travel, partake of the moonlit nights on the sea to talk a moonlight walk along the deck or a midnight swim in one of the pools/ Depending on the length of the cruise, you may find yourself stopping in many of the romantic islands on your way to Fiji, including the Polynesia Islands such as Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, and the Hawaiian Islands. Both Tahiti and Bora Bora are ports of call, and are romantic islands themselves, so your romantic cruise to Fiji will give you more than you expected. Taking a stroll into any of the ports of call is likely to spark some romance, especially along the beaches and the little out of the way restaurants that you are likely to find in many of the towns.

The ship itself will provide an atmosphere of romance with the moonlit deck, romantic music, and other activities. Walking on the deck in the moonlight as the stars are overhead and bouncing off the water is a good romantic indicator. A cruise in itself is capable of putting romance in the air, and if you add that to the romantic aura that surrounds Fiji, you will be totally captivated by the time you return home. Let this be a vacation that provides relaxation and a new life for you by taking some time for yourself. The islands of Fiji are tantalizingly beautiful, and just to take in their beauty puts romance into the air. Walk along the beach and take in the fragrance of the trees, flowers, and other scents of the South Seas that surrounds it.

Stop along the way into the little intimate shops and browse through things you would like to buy. Take in the nature of the island and let yourself become totally obsessed with its beauty. If you have time while you’re ashore, enjoy an intimate dinner in one of the out of the way restaurants as you enjoy the culinary delights of the island food.

It’s impossible for a cruise to Fiji to not be romantic with all of the beauty that surrounds it, and the way the sun and moon cascade its surface. True romance exists from within, but the happiness that is encompassed by the beauty of Fiji will have an effect on any couple who becomes mesmerized with its beauty. To watch from afar is to desire to become one with its beauty, and that is how you will see Fiji as you leave the ship and enter its shores.