How to Travel on a Luxury Cruise to the Greek Islands

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Greece, the place where democracy was born, the home of ancient gods, and the place where myths and legends originated. We mustn’t forget that Europe and the Mediterranean are the destinations that take credit for being the spots where civilization met history and fell in love.

When you plan your cruise, take your choice of a combination land and sea cruise as you hope around the Greek Islands – Athens, Crete, Santorini, Mykonas, and much more. Take time to shop into the little shops that decorate the islands or relax on board the ship, the choice is yours. Learn the history that surrounds the islands, as you walk along the streets of the islands. Within your grasp is history at your fingertips where you can enjoy the feel and touch of history. Enjoy Crete with its numerous museums, archaeological sites, sandy beaches, and a variety of exciting nightlife within the streets of the largest of the Greek islands.

Each of the islands has its own flair, and each has beautiful beaches for those who are sun worshippers. From the sandy beaches in Crete to the black sandy beaches in Santorini to the white beaches at Paros, you are sure to find the views exquisite. For the lover of water sports, Paros is certain to appeal to your sense of adventure.

Within the walls of the ship’s interior, you will find all of the luxury accommodations that you seek. Although activities abound onboard the ships of most of the popular cruise lines, one should take advantage of the excursions onto land and learn about the culture of the villages within reach. Take the time to walk around, discover the history and its culture, and most importantly, talk to some of the villagers to see what activities are currently available for you to experience.

As you sail on the waters that surround the Greek Islands, be sure to partake of their utter beauty as you relax on the ship’s deck. Though all of the cruise lines offer a variety of activities, none will compare with first hand knowledge within the historical islands of Greece. The centuries old Acropolis in Athens is a must see for the traveler interested in ancient history as is the Monastery of St. John the Divine in Patmos. The beginning of civilization is within the coastlines of the Greek Islands, and should be revered. Spend time basking in the sun on the ship, but spend more of it as you allow yourself to become captivated by the history surrounding Greece. When you head back to sea and onto the next part of your cruise, you will find you have taken a piece of history with you. The captivating beauty of these islands is worth every penny of what you spend on the cruise.