Unforgettable Experience in a Honeymoon Suite on a Cruise Ship

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A honeymoon cruise is becoming more popular today than it has been in the past. After all, anyone can fly to a vacation spot, stay a few days, and fly home, but a cruise gives the honeymoon a different sense of elegance. Not only that, but if you choose not to go ashore when the ship docks, there is still plenty that you can do on the ship, whereas when you fly to your destination, the hotel has limited activities for your entertainment.

Although none of the cruise ships has a bridal suite designated now, many of their more elegant staterooms can be used for this purpose. In addition, many of the cruise lines offer extras for those who are on a honeymoon cruise such as champagne, a private reception on the ship, flowers, a wedding cake or chocolate, and sometimes money for purchases at one of the ship’s lounges. You may need a copy of your marriage license or other documentation in order to take advantage of the honeymoon specials.

No matter where you decide to sail for your honeymoon, you’ll find the experience delightful, exciting, and elegant. With several different restaurants on board, you have your choice of food and cuisine, all well prepared, tasty, and delicious. If you have special dietary needs (low salt, diabetic, etc.), it can be accommodated as long as you let the staff know in advance. The several buffets on board the ship has many culinary delights that you will find quite tasty. In addition, numerous lounges, bars, and even a pizzeria are onboard many of the cruise ships.

When the ship docks, you have your choice where you want to go on your shore trip. Depending what the port of call is, you will find shopping, beaches (in warm weather or in warm climates), numerous sightseeing tours, historical remnants, restaurants, and much more. You can just relax or you can take a walk, enjoy the scenery, or do whatever else you may choose to do. Of course, you may choose to relax on the ship instead, but this is the time for you to enjoy yourself. No matter what the port, there will be something there that both of you can enjoy, even if it’s only window-shopping in the numerous shops that abound in the towns and villages along the way.

If you have time, be sure to enjoy some of the culinary delights of the town you are visiting. You want to take plenty of pictures so that you can share the memories with your friends and family in the future. As part of your honeymoon package, you will likely receive some commemorative photographs, but you will definitely want more. There is duty free shopping on board the ship if you should run out of film or batteries.