How to Make Your Hawaii to Tahiti Cruise a Fun Experience

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Cruise Vacation and Cruise Travel

Cruising the South Pacific can be an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime for anyone. While you could choose to stay in one of the many available hotels on these beautiful islands, staying aboard a ship allows you the comfort and luxury of a high class hotel, with the convenience and adventure of moving about the many islands, seeing everything you’d like to see. And when you cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti, you are swapping one paradise for another. The Polynesian islands, of which both Hawaii and Tahiti are part, are spectacular in both their beauty and their diversity. The cultures that exist on the different islands vary greatly, from the metropolitan nightlife of Honolulu to the tranquil resorts where island time has its own meaning. Aboard a cruise ship, you can visit and enjoy these places, and wander about the many islands.

A typical Hawaii to Tahiti cruise will last either 12 or 14 days. It will depart from Honolulu, and spend a couple of days cruising around the Hawaiian Islands. The ship then heads south and east for two days, stopping at Christmas Island. Continuing on the ship will reach the first of the French Polynesian Islands, Bora Bora. The cruise then continues on to Raiatea, Moorea and then to Tahiti where the cruise will end at the port of Papeete. This allows travelers to see a range of sites and enjoy shopping, hiking, and other day trips in these beautiful tropical locations.

There are several cruise lines that regularly sail from Hawaii to Tahiti. Princess Cruises operates the Tahitian Princess on this run, usually through the summer months. Holland America offers a month long cruise that visits both Hawaii and Tahiti, and that starts and ends in San Diego. And Cunard Lines have the QE2 traveling between Hawaii and Tahiti once a year as one leg of their around the world cruise. These ships offer the many amenities usually available on luxury vacations, with swimming pools, restaurants, and activities galore aboard. A passenger could stay on board the ship the entire cruise and still enjoy their vacation.

Hawaii offers the advantages of several worlds. From the history of Pearl Harbor, to the surf of Waikiki, to the magnificence of the volcanoes of Mauna Loa and Kilauea, the Hawaiian Islands deserve their status as a premiere vacation destination. The variety of activities available allows vacationers to choose from many beautiful destinations and to feel that they have enjoyed a fulfilling and busy vacation.

The advantage of the Tahitian islands lies in their unspoiled beauty. Unlike other popular destinations in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, the South Pacific islands seem to have escaped the commercialization caused by the vast number of tourists that descend upon other areas. Visitors will not find the shopping or entertainment that they would find in many other cruise ports. However, if you enjoy snorkeling or want to explore pristine wildernesses, there are few places in the world to match Bora Bora and Tahiti.