How to Turn a Three Day Hawaiian Cruise into an Unforgettable Trip

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For the budget-minded or those who have just a short amount of time in which to take a cruise, many cruise lines have three-day Hawaiian cruises. Of course, do be forewarned that the three-day cruise will only give you a sampling of the beauty of these former Polynesian Islands, but you will get enough of a sampling to want to return for more.

Depending on the ship on which you travel, you may or may not have a chance to dock on one of the beautiful islands of Hawaii. If the opportunity is afford, you want to choose carefully so that you can experience as much as possible in a short time. Instead of taking in the shops and taking time for shopping, limit yourself to some souvenirs and instead, take in some of the scenery that is famous in Hawaii. You’ll want to visit some of the beaches with their beautiful blue waters, and see the rain forests. You may even want to venture to visit the volcanoes that exist within the realm of these islands and experience some of the authentic culture of the islands.

On your three-day cruise, you will not have much time to enjoy the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, but you will marvel in their beauty as you approach from the ocean. Do not spend the time in your stateroom but rather on the deck so that you can capture the beauty as you approach the islands. As you go ashore, partake of the culture of Hawaii as you enjoy some authentic Hawaiian dishes and beverages.

When you book your cruise, you want to book it according to where you would like to visit. Since you only have three days, be sure to choose a ship that is going to give you the most for the period you have. If your desire is to visit Maui, or the Big Island, be sure that your ship will be stopping at those islands for the passengers to go ashore. Let your mind wander as you embark so that you can make the very most of the time you have to visit the islands. Let this give you a taste of the cuisine and just a little bit of the culture so that you will want to return, and you WILL want to return.

Before you go ashore, be sure to enjoy the amenities that are available onboard the ship: swimming, golfing, dancing, and whatever other activities that you enjoy that are available. Savor the taste of the wonderful culinary delights to which you will be exposed, comparable to that of the finest restaurants in any city in the world. Relax and enjoy your cruise, but don’t allow yourself to miss some of the most important parts of the cruise.

For those who have never gone on a cruise, the three-day cruise to Hawaii is a perfect way to start. It gives you a chance to see a little bit of Hawaii while also allowing you to find out if you like the idea of a cruise. The relaxation alone is sure to make you want to come back for a longer cruise and a chance to see more of Hawaii at the same time.