Your Must Know Travel Guide for a Spain Cruise

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Cruise Vacation and Cruise Travel

For those wishing to cruise to Spain, there are two different types of cruises you can choose to take. Because of the locality, you are free to take either the European cruise or the Mediterranean cruise. Each one will take you to Spain, but there may be a variation in the ports of call for each cruise. Of course, even with a Mediterranean cruise, there is liable to be a difference in the ports of call for each cruise line. Do not assume because it is European or Mediterranean that it will stop in Spain or any other port that may be along the way.

While on your cruise, even while at sea, you will find plenty of activities to occupy your time. Each cruise line varies, but some of the activities you may find include swimming, spa, golf, casinos, shopping, library, teen areas, and children’s areas. In addition, many of the ships have a self-service laundry, beauty salon, and barber shop. You can also expect to find several restaurants, bars, and lounges for nightly entertainment.

Be sure before you leave home that you know the dress code for the ship on which you will be sail. Many of the ships have at least one formal night a week, and you want to be prepared for that. In addition, be certain to bring clothing for various occasions as there will also be times that attire other than ship’s casual will be needed, or there may be a few cool nights while you are out to sea when you will want to wear casual slacks rather than shorts.

You also want to be certain to have casual and comfortable walking shoes for going ashore. You will be doing a great deal of walking, so you want something that is going to be comfortable on your feet such as sneakers or dock shoes. In addition, keep in mind that any activities in which you participate ashore are not covered as part of your package, so you will need money for those things. In Spain, you will have an opportunity to visit the shops and take in the scenery, depending which cruise line you take and what your port of call is. Whether you go to Cadiz, Malaga, Barcelona, or any of the other seafaring ports of Spain, you will want to go ashore to do some sightseeing. Whether you choose to join an actual tour and just go on your own, make sure you know how much time you have and plan your time accordingly. After all, there are too many passengers on the ship for the captain to know if someone failed to return to the ship, so if you are late returning to the ship, you will be left behind.