Quick Tips about Cruises to Hong Kong, China, and Japan

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Cruise Vacation and Cruise Travel

A cruise can be a great way to explore the world, and the Far East is no exception. Traveling by sea can provide a unique and fascinating perspective of many Asian ports, including cruises to Hong Kong, China, Japan, and other asian countries and cities. It can also allow a traveler to visit as many places as possible and enjoy as many cultures from the comfort of a cruise ship full of amenities.

There are many ways to arrange a cruise to the Far East. One option is to start in North America and cross the Pacific. This could start in Vancouver, B.C., travel up to Alaska, experiencing the famed Inside Passage, and then cross the North Pacific to Russia, visiting the port of Petropavlovsk. Then the ship would head south stopping in Tokyo and Nagasaki before finishing in Beijing. One advantage to these cruises, besides traveling constantly in comfort and luxury, is the many ports of call, where one can experience as many places as possible without having to make their own arrangements in a foreign country.

Another option is to fly to either Japan or China and begin the cruise there. This certainly allows for more time to be spent visiting the various ports in the region. A two week cruise may start in Osaka, Japan and visit Nagasaki as well as Vladivostock in Russia and Pusan in South Korea before traveling to the Chinese ports of Shanghai, and Dalian. This cruise would also finish at Beijing.

The highlight of such a trip would most likely be the historical and wondrous locations to visit. Each port city is a marvel of bustling humanity. Shore excursions can take you to such places as Tiannamin Square, the Great Wall and the Forbidden Palace. For many, the great shopping deals that can be found in places such as Hong Kong are also a draw. The different cultural experiences and sights a cruise through Hong Kong, China or Japan would offer would provide for great photos and stories to take home, as well as great souvenirs for those who like to shop.

There are other cruises which start in Beijing and travel into Southeast Asia. A typical itinerary for such a trip would include stops in Nagasaki, Shanghai, Okinawa, Taipei, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. You might expect to visit 10 ports on a 16 day cruise. Each port would have options for day trips, or you can wander about the city on your own.

The ships that service the Far East tend to be among the largest and most luxuriously appointed in each cruise line’s fleet. An example is the Sapphire Princess, which features accommodation for over 2500 passengers, as well as four pools, fourteen dining rooms or restaurants, a theater, casino, eight bars and lounges, as well as state of the art exercise and spa facilities. Traveling in comfort and luxury, these cruise ships are so full of these amenities that a vacationer could spend their entire holiday on board.