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For those who prefer knowing what they are going to pay before they leave on a cruise, there is the inclusive Mexico cruise. Each cruise line will determine what is included with an all-inclusive package, but in most cases it will include the fare for the cruise, food, all gratuities, drinks, and in on board activities that are customarily included with the price of your ticket such as the use of the pool and spa. On some cruise lines, the inclusive price may also include private stocking of beverages in the stateroom as well as complimentary movies and videos. In some cases, if you have to fly to meet the ship, the cost of airfare is included in the price of your ticket, but this is usually only done if you book your cruise through a travel agent, although some cruise lines do offer this service.

Silver Sea Cruises offers all-inclusive Mexican cruises sailing between San Diego and Porto Caldero and another from San Diego to the Mexican Riviera. With this cruise, the ports of call include Catalina Island, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Zihuataneio, Huatulco, and Acapulco. This may differ from cruise to cruise, so you want to check with the booking agent at the time you book your cruise if you are interested in stopping in a particular port along the way. You want to make sure you bring enough money for shopping and activities when you go ashore because none of these stops is covered in your inclusive price, including meals. On some cruise lines, if there is an overnight stay that involves a hotel, it may be included, and it may not; you will want to check that at the time you book the cruise.

It’s also important when you book your cruise to find out what onboard activities, if any are included with your inclusive price. Sometimes drinks may be included and sometimes not, it depends on the cruise line’s policy. Other little things like in-suite drinks and movies will vary from cruise line to cruise line. If all activities on the ship are included with the price of your ticket, then you will only need funds for shopping in the duty free store onboard or when you leave the ship to go ashore. In some inclusive packages, transportation from the ship into town is included, so you want to find out before you leave the ship if you need to pay for your own transportation into town.

Whatever activities in which you participate at the ports of call are the responsibility of you as a passenger. You can choose to participate in those activities or not, but if you do, you want to make sure you have enough money to cover them. Do not, however, carry large amounts of cash; rather, use credit cards or traveler’s checks so that if they are lost are stolen, you entire trip is not in ruins. As long as you ask the right questions when you book your cruise, you will enjoy knowing that you don’t have to be concerned over funds since you will know what is included in the included price.