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Sometimes when the passengers need to fly to the ship where it is docked, the cost of the airplane ticket is included with the other charges, especially if you are booking your cruise as all-inclusive. In fact, many of the luxury cruises give you an option of two different prices, with and without the airplane fare. Sometimes you may be able to book an airline separately and get a better price than that which will be charged as part of your cruise package. Do not assume that because the price is included with your cruise package, it is the lowest possible price. Do some checking on your own to assure that you are getting the best price on your airline ticket and that the booking agent is not giving you a price higher than what you can get on your own.

Your all-inclusive package that includes your airline fare is quite a convenient way to book your Caribbean cruise. By including everything in your initial booking, you only need to pay once rather than having to be concerned with paying for other things once you are on board ship. Certainly, there will be some things you will still need to pay such as anything from the duty free shop and anything you purchase when you go ashore, and depending on the policy of the ship, possibly drinks. All food and ship activities are included in your all-inclusive package, and on some cruise lines, that includes drinks both at the bar and in-suite. Since each cruise line is different, you will need to verify with the booking agent what is provided with your all-inclusive package.

On some cruise ships, there are other things that are included with an all-inclusive package such as movies and videos as well as snacks in the stateroom. In nearly all cases, the all-inclusive package covers all food, non-alcoholic drinks, entertainment, gratuities, and activities aboard the ship. This will include such things as the pool, spa, movies, and other entertainment that is provided.

What you pay for the all-inclusive package does not include any activities in which you participate when you go ashore, even meals that you may consume ashore. If there is an overnight stay at a hotel as part of the cruise package, that may be covered, especially if you are unable to return to the ship for any reason. The booking agent will explain all of this at the time you book your cruise. If there is an overnight stay, and you are not sure if it’s covered, ask your captain. In most cases, when you are staying overnight in port, you will return to the ship for the night and disembark again the next morning for another day of activities ashore. Be careful to watch your time so that you can return to the ship at the assigned departure time and be ready to sail to the next port of call or back to the beginning destination, whichever the case may be.